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Welcome to The Hair Patisserie!

Welcome to The Hair Patisserie!

If you’re reading this right now, that means I did it, I relaunched my website! 

So let me introduce myself to you 👋🏾. My name is Bertha often called ‘B’ and I am the founder of The Hair Patisserie. 

I crazily launched The Hair Patisserie in October 2020, during the thick of the pandemic. Whilst originally shying away from digital sales and wanting to build my clientele first in a salon environment, I quickly had to change the game plan. Business lesson number 1 - be ready for the curveballs life will throw at you and adapt by all means necessary! 

The Hair Patisserie is about more than just my love for hair, it’s my vessel to empower, to support, to bring joy and to provide A1 customer service.

I’ll be using this blog to showcase how-to’s, hints and tips, products reviews, business behind the scenes and much much more. 

Whilst I could ramble on if you let me, I really wanted to use this opportunity to welcome you!





#HPDOLL to the world!

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