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22″ Beach Wave Mega Mane Clip-Ins


Do you want the hottest hair trend but don’t have an hour to style your hair? Look no further as the pre styled beach wave mega mane is here. With length and thickness in abundance this 5 piece clip in set will instantly transform your hair from wind swept to beach babe goddess.

Top tip: prior to wearing plait your damp hair in 2 – 4 braids before bed. When you get up your hair will be wavy ready to apply your mega mane – Zero styling time!


  • 1 x 28cm piece with 5 clips
  • 1 x 20.5cm piece with 4 clips
  • 1 x 16cm piece with 3 clips
  • 2 x 7.5cm pieces with 2 clips


  • Premium synthetic hair 
  • Length 22” 
  • Approx weight 250g


Whilst the hair looks and feels just like human hair, it is made from synthetic properties and needs different care to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

  • When brushing/detangling use a teezer brush or wide tooth comb. Always start from the bottom gently working your way up.
  • NEVER sleep with your clip-ins as this may cause tangling. After removing use a teezer brush to detangle then either hang up, place in hair net or silk bag.
  • When washing always make sure you've detangled the hair first. Fill your sink with lukewarm (NEVER HOT) water, deep enough to fully immerse the hair. Mix one to two tablespoons of the Routes synthetic hair extension shampoo with the water. Fully immerse the hair under the water and begin swishing the hair from side to side in the water. This is a method of cleansing the hair without rubbing or scrubbing. 
  • To condition fill your with cold water. Mix two tablespoons of the Routes synthetic hair conditioner into the water. Immerse the hair fully and swish the hair side to side for two minutes, then leave the hair resting in the conditioner water for 10-15 minutes. After the conditioner has had time to soak squeeze the water out (do not rub) and do not rinse (unless it feels like there was too much conditioner in the water).Once the excess water is squeezed out of the hair, spritz with the Routes synthetic leave in treatment spray and gently brush through using a teezer brush. Lay it flat on a towel to air dry.